Simplicity is the Most Effective Way To Train!

I have found that simplicity is the most effective way to get the most out of your
training. While people spend hours searching the web for all the answers to all
their problems, they could figure out a short effective plan and get to work

Most are so confused they have no idea what they are going after. Instead of
looking for the most complicated route of training look for the basic “working
man philosophy” of just getting in their and start working!

The more I eliminate from my training and the more I concentrate on basic
training philosophies the more I accomplish. To many people are suckered
by bull shit training ideas. Ideas that waste valuable training time.

However, if you have nothing else to do follow the masses. Do a little of this
a little of that and in a year let me know what you accomplished.

Someone who feels he has built a lot of physical and mental toughness
can give it a try.

I picked up and pressed a 35 lb rock 25 times and did 20 pushup burpees
10 rounds no resting. The goal was to complete in 30 minutes I finished
all 10 rounds for a total of 250 pick up and rock presses and 200 pushup
burpees in 28:40

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Hey Johnny Grube I have a question, and a challenge.

    What would happen if a person were to attempt to test their mental toughness with this workout for 7 days straight.

    1. 2500 burpees
    2. 2500 sit ups
    3. 2500 squats

    Would it be too much on the body?

    The challenge is : I’ll do it if u do it and compare our results from this week challenge.


  2. Side note: from reading your blog and comparing it to great athletes like Herschel walker who used to do 5,000 push ups and 5,000 sit ups daily as a kid, I absolutely believe into everything your blog shares. Mental toughness and bodyweight exercises are not a joke

  3. John,
    Maybe you are asking the wrong question. Instead of asking what would be too much for your body and risking an injury for the sake of your ego, why not ask how you can improve yourself by working on increasing the number of burpees you can do in fifteen or twenty minutes? That takes plenty of mental toughness and you will wind up stronger, which is the point, isn’t it?

  4. Bruce

    My idea of mental toughness is raising the bar and not stopping until the goal is reached.
    Not to say how many I can do in 15-20 minutes as a race. I think this blog brings many good points for the body and good workouts but it’d be interesting to see how far the body can grow and handle with higher reps, and possibly discover if there is a new level that can be reached such as individuals like Herschel walker who still at age 50+ could play in the NFL just from high volume bodyweight exercises and if beyond that there is a point where it’s not possible anymore where there is such ting as too many bodyweight exercise.

  5. There is a youtube video you might want to check out:SEAL FIT’s Chase Completing 3000 burpee challenge. Good luck!

  6. Who cares what a navy seal did if I can do better

  7. who says you did better ? you? lol you post was a bit too much much of shit sandwich johnnie

  8. those at seal fit are real bad asses …not to say some of your site doesn’t have challenging routines…but they’re controlled environments seal training is not i highly doubt you d have had the balls to finish the 6 month regiment so no offense to you let s just lay off the true military elite and keep to your little blog site lest you wanna “sack up” grab a pair and join late 38 is the cut off age johnnie lol

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