Skipping a meal won’t kill you fat ass!

I can’t help but wonder why people are so against skipping a meal? It won’t
kill you. It gives your body a rest and time to repair. The funny thing is that
with all research and all the gurus and the diet industries and all the
prepackaged food and new weight loss surgeries we are fatter than ever.

The new standard is to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day to lose weight, or the
percentage diets you know 40% of protein and 30% of carbs and 30% of
fat or whatever percentage diet people want use.

The problem is people are not that interested in making 5 to 6 small meals
or spending the weekend making bulk food for the week they are NOT
going to take percentage of their foods.

And any experts and diet book authors that think people live this way are
fools. There was a time when people ate 3 meals a day, do you remember
that? Breakfast, lunch and dinner and maybe a snack was how most
people ate.

Growing up if you were in grade school you ate breakfast before school,
you ate lunch in school; than you came home changed and went right
back out the door to play. Ride bike or play sports, came home had dinner
and back out the door again. If you were in high school the same thing, out
the door or you had after school activities.

There were some fat kids and they were the kids that for the most part were
the least active. And for the ex fat kid that wants to tell me how active they
were and that they didn’t eat that much you are lying, plain and simple.

Another question fast food has been around a long time and only in the last
20 years it’s gotten a bad rap. Has fast food changed?  Or is it because we
live on it every day? When I was a kid McDonalds was a treat, a once in a
while treat

T.V. dinners came in metal trays and had to be put in the oven and this
was a treat, today everything is a t.v. dinner.

So why is skipping a meal bad? We focus on food all the time. We sit on
our asses all day. How can an expert tell anybody how many calories
he or she should eat, everyone is living a different lifestyle of activity.
Common sense say’s if you sit on your ass all day you better eat less
at least of processed foods.

I have a thought and it may or may not work. Eat when you’re hungry!

Stop making food your main concern! Stop thinking you will waste away
if you miss a meal you won’t. Oh, yeah and not eating all day and thinking
it’s okay to eat a half gallon of ice cream because you didn’t eat that
kind of thinking will get you far.

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