Snow hill sprints

I like to take advantage of the snow. You can get a great workout in the snow.
One great workout is shoveling snow. Shoveling snow is a great all around
workout. I personally wouldn’t own a snow blower, just because of the great
workout shoveling snow is.

I don’t own a back friendly shovel you know the ones with the bend in them
for the men with weak backs. If you use your whole body as a tool you can
get a great workout that will strengthen the body.

I also like running hill sprints in the snow. We got 18″ of snow and it’s tough to
run up a hill in 18″ of snow, but the workout is amazing. You feel it all over.
Then I did some regular snow sprints, working out like this will put a beaten
on you.

Your body really works hard when you do hill sprints but when you add
deep snow to the workout you have a ass kicking workout. I also like to put
a 100lb heavy bag in a plastic sled connect it to a belt and go for some
hill running, this is a tough workout.

Basically to mix it up use your environment when you can, have fun and
get fit.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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