Social Media and Physical and Mental Weakness!

We live in a time of social media and physical and mental weakness and its easily seen as so called strong guys get easily offended, with a different opinion, that goes against the bullshit they have learned about training through social media.

It gets worse when they try to validate their position through excuses, yet as physically fit as these guys are supposed to be, they have no problem posting “He Cunt” selfies but NEVER post videos of their credibility or progress!

You lose credibility when you have nothing to show except a big mouth and a “He Cunt” selfie!

A big mouth used to get you called out, today people attack and fight online, how much weaker can a man get?

If you go to the gym and are always on your phone, you are probably on social media, and I don’t care how strong you are, ¬†you are a FAGGOT!

Get pissed and comment and fight your position online, because everyone knows its the only place you are strong and can fight!

I hope you are offended, it just shows your physical and mental weakness!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    FUCK YEA!!!!!! Missed you John glad to see you back. There’s always fat fucks on social media as well that act like they are tough guys, I call them Facebook junkies. Glad you called all these cowards out.

  2. Chuck my man!

  3. BrooklynChuck says

    Always Great coming on here and seeing a new article from the man that tells it like no one else does. Keep giving them hell John

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