Society Is Weak Because It’s Hard To Be Strong!

Today’s weak man!

The reason why society is starting to crumble from underneath us
is because strength is no longer looked at as a virtue. We are told
that strength is bad, we are told that strength is offensive.

The reason why so many people choose the weak route is because
it is hard to become strong it takes a lot of work, it takes years of
physical and mental pain. It takes failure, rejection adversity and
disappointment! Being weak is easy, it’s giving up and letting others
fight your battles, it’s looking for sympathy, it’s playing the victim!

Society starts by weakening our children through anti- bullying
campaigns, participation awards and trophies just for showing up,
creating safe spaces for weak men who are offended by words,
having gender confused kids using any bathroom they want,
and men that train in gender confused gyms!

No man can become strong spending time with weak

The strong do the things they hate to get what they want, the weak
man will lay around watching tv, and bitch about their pathetic
life. The strong are always learning, the weak think they know it all.

The strong build their mind and body through physical and mental
activity, the weak abuse and weaken their mind and body with booze,
drugs, video games and porn. Weak men think women are
equal to men, and they are NOT!

They can not do anything a man can do, so stop being a pussy and stop
following the masses. Keep thinking this way and soon enough you will be
smacked around by your more manly wife or girlfriend!

It’s easier to find a group of weak men, than a group of strong men
you can always find men that complain, cry, blame others, cry
victim at every turn.

It used to be the physically strong were considered all brawn
and no brains. Strength was looked at as only blue collar and that
they were less valuable in society.

Society is telling us it’s better to be weak, and that strength is for
Barbarians, cavemen and wild men! What man doesn’t like to
get called a Barbarian, caveman or wild man?

But, things have changed, just as most men live in a weak world,
the strong men have actually become more intelligent while the
educated weaklings have actually become weaker and are lacking
basic real world knowledge. So to the morons that think the strong
men of today, are just that, uneducated Barbarians you will soon
find that as the weak get weaker through continued weak
interactions the strong will continue to rise as they become real
world savvy!

Society has a plan, and it’s to weaken society so they no longer have
the strength, the balls or the guts to fight back, it’s to allow the weak
to have something they never had, a place in society!

One way you can tell if you are a weak man? Your wife gives
you an allowance!

The weak will always be looked at by stronger people as a liability
because at some point they will either have to be protected or they
will cause others problems through their lack of strength!

The strong have always protected the weak, because without the strong
the weak could NEVER survive. Laws protect the weak from harm and
now society want to make the physically and mentally weak feel strong
through the power of large masses.

So remember if you are a man who is always looking for sympathy, are
a victim, is making excuses and need others to fight for you, to protect
you, to feed you, you are the weak I am speaking of!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Very true. Most people today can’t even survive without government handouts or whinging like little babies. It makes me sick to hear of some crime committed in a public place in front of dozens of people and not a single man steps in! Usually all the criminal is carrying is a pocketknife or some other useless weapon. Men today are so weak it’s not funny.

  2. Alan mullen says

    Couldn’t agree more,I work in the building trade which used to be totally masculine hard environment to be in and actually a respected part of society nowadays it’s like being some kind of low life people nowadays especially the young look at it as beneith them.i used to feel proud on a Fri walking home with my work gear on and money in my pocket but these days you walk into a shopping centre with your work gear on people look at you as if you’re scum it’s unbelieve.
    Young men who work with us have no heart they are all mentally and physically weak.
    God help us if we ever have a war were men are required to stand up.
    Just look at what’s happening today with this viruse just look at attitudes according to the media and most people I talk to we are fucked what happened to us yes these are hard and difficult times but have not yet once heard anyone even on TV trying to inspire us to be positive have strength and march on through this all we hear is fear we are told to run and hide .
    Don’t be ashamed of being a man be tough be strong stand tall

  3. Well said Alan!

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