Something I hear time and time again!

Something I hear time and time again

Something I hear time and time again is how this guy
or that guy is charging too much for a DVD or book.

Do people think it’s easy to write a book and make
DVD’s spend the time and energy marketing and
creating products just to give it away?

The difference between a serious student of fitness
and the never will be’s are the complainers. It’s the men
and women that complain about the price of a product.

Like they say, people will always find the money to buy
the things they want, but not the things they need. I have
spent thousands and thousands of dollars over the years
on books, courses, DVDs and will continue to spend and
continue my education.

A golfer will climb the highest mountain to find a way to
take a stroke off his game women will spend whatever it
takes to take two pounds off but most men will complain if
they think something like a book or DVD  is to expensive
well what is expensive?

My opinion on people that only want FREE really never do
anything with FREE Because FREE is usually undervalued.

Hell we are given at birth the miracle of life, a body and
mind, and we take them for granted. Hell even poor people
find money to buy things that are important to them, usually
cigarettes and alcohol.

How many times do you eat out a week?

How many $ 5.00 cups of coffee do you drink?

How many useless supplements do you buy?

But it comes down to what’s important and what really
matters. Money to me is no object on buying things that
excite me not all are great but I have found that very few
products are bad but I will tell you that almost every
product I have bought has given me a new idea or a different
way of doing something meaning I have learned something from
just about of everything.

If you love it and it’s part of you, you will find a way to
get what you want. But like I said I choose to spend my
money on products to learn and I even buy products that I
might not agree with but I guarantee that I will always
learn something.

So become a student. Learn from the people that are creating
products that could change your life. Life is a search to get
better in anything is to keep learning and buying.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

Check out the book on Amazon. Ultimate Physical Fitness In
5 Minutes

Here’s a workout that you can try

Jump rope 100 times – 10 explosive wildman jumps(wide stance
squat down, touch the ground with your finger tips and
jump exploding forward touching the ground and jumping as
fast as possible) jog back repeat as fast as possible
for 10 rounds.

Try to do each round in 1 minute each it’s a challenge.

This will work the entire body.


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