Special forces battalion and a whoop ass workout!

A quick email to let you know what the Special Forces
is doing with “Ultimate Physical Fitness in 5 Minutes”

Your new book has pretty much changed the way I look at
fitness, It’s been kicking my ass and I love every minute
of it. I’ve been doing workouts out of it for my entire
special forces battalion and we can’t get enough of it.
You have pretty much designed the best work-outs I have
ever seen. I just made my entire section bear crawl for
an entire mile today, never realized how under rated the
bear crawl is…great core exercise.

I do believe in the quick get it done get on with life

Ready for this? And I want you to give it a try and beat
my time of 4:14 try it and see if you can finish in 5

5 Prisoner Squat Thrusts – 10 Star Jumpers. repeat for
10 rounds don’t be fooled by the low reps its a rough
one. I mean whats 50 Prisoner Squat Thrusts and 100
Star Jumpers in 5 minutes.

Get the book at amazon it will keep you busy!


Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. Check out “The Wildman Training Course at

I also have set another world record 50 dips on chains
in 46.25 seconds almost 1 dip a minute on chains.


  1. John – Great workout. I did in 8:12 minutes. Not a great time, but I finished.
    You were right. This was really tough.

  2. 3:03. I think this is your easiest workout by far! Finished it off with 50 pushups.

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