Bodyweight speed training

Bodyweight speed training

Bodyweight training is a natural way of training the body, the way the body
was meant to be trained. We have all we need to build  incredible strength,
power, quickness, athleticism, muscular endurance and we keep on looking
for the magic potion.

As a matter of fact using your bodyweight as your training tool will give you
results that are almost magic. You can train your body so many ways that you almost
never have to do the same workout again. But in my opinion training the body
with speed will bring the huge benefits.

Training slow will build a slow body, training the body fast and explosive will build
a fast and explosive body. However, training the body slowly from time to time
will also build strength and help the body heal from training hard and fast.

We almost never do anything slow. We bend fast, reach fast, lift fast
nothing is really ever done slow. All most all sports require you be fast
and explosive.

Even powerlifters use explosive and speed type movements
to boost their totals. Olympic lifters require an unbelievable amount of
speed, strength, explosiveness and quickness for the clean and press and
the snatch.

Another great thing about training the body with speed is the rate you will burn
body fat, look at the sprinter body, it’s lean and muscular. Look at the jogger
or runner weak and thin.

Most experts will tell you to use the right form or you will hurt yourself and that’s
the problem. In real life when do you think about form?

Your body needs to be able to bend, stretch, reach, twist, climb, run and lift at a moments
notice and only when you stop training naturally is when these injuries occur. Almost
any sport requires full body movement, speed, power, strength, muscular
endurance, quickness etc, in sports you don’t think, you react, in real life
you don’t think, you react. And when you think about what your doing or
how your doing it, is when you run in to these limitations.

So try to train a little unorthodox and just react to you environment, use
speed and explosiveness in your training and leave the slow training to
the regular fitness public.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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