Stand Strong.

People think I’m negative I just don’t believe in letting people off the hook.

Rainbows and unicorns never worked for me.

If you ever protested or supported a SJW cause you are a brain dead zombie being controlled by the media, these people are evil.

The easily brainwashed people are misfits, the unpopular, the weak minded people are evil degenerate people.

The weak cause stress on society. The weak cause the country, the state and the cities to become degenerate waste lands of degenerate ideals and lifestyles.

Once strong societies become weak in easy times.

When people stop caring about the degenerates, the leeches, the feeble minded that roam the streets in our cities who look for everyone to fall to their vision of a physically and mentally void existence, we lose!

I love triggering feeble minded people.

People’s inability to handle words without being offended, who follow the herd of sheep, seem to be the medicated by illegal or prescription drugs because they are not capable of handling any situation that requires strength.

Allowing booze and drugs to allow you to cope are a sign of a weak man, a man who is feeble of the mind.

Men need to stand strong, eliminate addictive behaviors that destroy lives.

Man must always be prepared, even sitting on his couch, to act, to be able protect! Mind altering substances like alcohol and drugs put you and your family at risk!

Find your own tribe of strong men, who don’t abuse drugs or alcohol, who live strong outside the gym.

No cry babies, no one who plays the victim, only people who actually live a no bullshit life.

Johnny Grube


  1. The truth be told yet again!

    Great article!!

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