Stop Being A Slave To A Specific Piece Of Training Equipment!

We live in a time of building SHOW muscles instead of building GO muscles. We live in a time where certain training objects make training cool! Training with chains wrapped around your body or flipping tires, or kettlebell training etc.

To be strong and conditioned takes nothing more than the most basic equipment. I have never had a problem finding something to train with, something in my environment.

I have no problem training with or without equipment, to many people rely on a specific piece of equipment or training program making them a slave to training in a specific way!I

Switching back and forth being a slave, is a way to weakness!

I can use anything to train, and I have used many things in my environment, rocks, cinder blocks, parks, playgrounds, my car, a log, a railroad tie, car rear end, broken concrete, concrete parking blocks, hand trucks, heavy bags etc there are no limits!

Stop Being A Slave To Training Equipment!

Johnny Grube


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