Stop Being Another Man’s Bitch!

If you are latching on the balls of other mens accomplishments, try being your own man for fuck sake!

I constantly see things posted men arguing over which one of their hero’s are tbe toughest, yeah little kids did that about their dads, but it’s amazingly pathetic when grown men do it.

It think these guys go to watch superhero movies, wear superhero shirts, and probably have “Tap Out” or “WWE” seat covers in their cars.

I see one guy on a regular basis who is probably 6’4″ 300 lbs but ALWAYS wears a WWE t shirt and he still has no idea why his wife divorced him!

Can a women really respect a man who wears the name of another man on the back of his shirt, knowing he is the bitch of another man?

I doubt it!

It’s a pitty men would rather cheer on another man he has no ties to, will never be friends with instead of being his own man.

Even the so called strong guys are bigger lap dogs then the weak hanging on every word spoken or written because the guy has big numbers in the gym.

I see guys support degenerate guys who still think it’s cool to be drunk and get arrested and put in jail, great role models.

It’s just shows the weakness and the lack of balls these men have when they associate with a weak minded individuals who aren’t mentally capable of booze or drugs.

I look down more on the drug users and boozer more than the fat fucks eating themselves to death.

FUCK the degenerates, stop being other men’s bitch.

Johnny Grube


  1. I don’t understand what anyone can get out of boasting about someone else’s achievements . I suppose such people recognise their own lack of value so try to compensate by living another man’s life. This post ties in with the earlier one about being your own hero . Men should strive to become a man of worth , then they won’t need heroes.

  2. @Rob

    Very well said

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