Stop Believing Your Own Bullshit!

Everyone is an expert.

To get my attention, a man has to show me he is capable of what he teaches!

I will ONLY lead by example!

Follow me around, you will see me living the exact way I tell you I live, it’s one thing to lie to others, its another thing when you lie to yourself.

Lying to yourself brings about a bad quality of life, you are telling yourself and everyone else you are unhappy with the real you!

I self study everyday. I know the real me. I know what a jerk off I can be.

The best thing about being honest with yourself, you will be happy.

I am tough on myself, I know when I’m fucking up, and it pisses me off!

It’s like people who hate their job, it’s not the job they really hate, it’s the fact they put themselves in the position to work a job they hate, they are really pissed at themselves!

You could walk right off the job if you wanted, no one makes you go, you are in charge. When you realize it’s your decision to be there, guarantee you will feel more free and in charge!

You are exactly where you want to be, or you would be somewhere else.

I guess I like doing manual labor, I have been doing it since I’ve been 12 years old.

I guess I didn’t want to be a millionaire, because I didn’t  make enough of right daily choices or have a wealth building mindset to build a good amount wealth.

I will continue to improve, I will continue to grow, I will continue live a life I am happy with, the way I want to live it.

I will never blame or make excuses for anything, everything is on me!

I believe true happiness is knowing yourself, your strength and weakness, the less you are willing to bullshit yourself, the happier you will be!

I will NOT tell anyone something I’m willing to do UNLESS I’m willing to do it.

I will always say NO before yes.

Because if I’m not committed, and don’t do what I said I will do, I’m a liar!

Have I ever committed to others and failed to follow through? Of course, it’s how I know I was a liar by not keeping my word!

I would rather say no, then say yes, if I’m not sure I can commit!

Stay hard on yourself, know when you’re being lazy, know that you can change in an instance, know you can be stronger and more productive, when you know you really are in control, life makes more sense!

Johnny Grube



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