Stop Reading Books Written By Pick Up Men!

Things that I shake my head at!

One is, men who write books on picking up women!

Strong athletic men NEVER have a hard time picking up women!

Strong, athletic men would NEVER buy a book written by a guy that went to his high school prom with his overweight cousin.

Strong men since the beginning of time got laid, the weak gets what’s left!

Strong men aren’t sitting home reading books written by weak men!

The guys who have the problems are the physically weak, apologetic nice guys that NEVER got laid.

Men today are so afraid of women they write articles and books how to run from women, yet write articles on how to pick up women in a strip club!!!!

So now your answer is to throw money at women while they dance for you and I guess once you throw enough money you ask them out?

Can’t wait for the next article or book to come out on how to pick up prostitutes!

You pick up women by being strong, tough of sturdy stock, a non apologetic man, a provider, a fighter!

Fuck These Apologetic Weak Men!

Johnny Grube


  1. Fuck yea !!!!!

  2. Weak men that write about shit like that need tricks to get women because they don’t hold not one attribute to get a woman . Piss poor fggots they are . Thank you for always pulling the card kid these so called fake ass Alpha male clowns . You’re the man Grube

  3. Like Johnny Grube has said “the strong takes, the weak gets taken.”

    Keep kicking ass!!

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