Street Fighting 101

Lets stop the fucking bullshit!  No matter what you think, everyone is a NOT a trained fighter, a pro
boxer or a world class MMA fighter!

It’s not the case. Even though you swear you are an expert because you wear TAP OUT or UFC shirts
and hats!

You’re NOT an expert if you have never been slapped in the mouth, this is true for most today’s 20
somethings, who have been protected by mommy and daddy, the school systems, and the law!

Here is the big mistake, it’s thinking (if you happen to be a trained fighter) you for some reason go out
on the street to start shit, to show off in front of your buddies, and to think the older guy you decide to
make your victim is for some reason going to stand there and take the beaten.

Just remember there is no ref, you are probably not trained for the street and your ju jit su will cause the back of your head to become part of the pavement!

Whether you are  a trained fighter or a man who is capable they aren’t usually looking for trouble, but keep thinking
your couple of months in MMA wont get you dropped on your head in the street.

And if you are trained you will know right away how the other guys squares up, or you better hope he
isnt suckering you in by acting weak because you aren’t trained for this in most clubs!

Because the aggressor thinks it will be easy its why he approaches and if you aren’t careful while an
older man that still hits a bag with strength is either trained in something or he has been in a lot of
fights or both which might put you in a serious situation!

NO TAP OUTS IN THE STREET, and I hope you bring more than grappling to the street there is a
big difference with club floor, the ring floor than asphalt or concrete and I hope you dont thing being
in the guard in the street is a good idea because being on your back in the street is not going to end

Most MMA fighters specialize in grappling so the stand up game is where you get fucked up, every man
who has learned to fight playground 101 has figured out the sprawl, its like it’s a natural movement so
don’t make that mistake.

Glen MacCharles is trained, and savage, and in the street would more then likely destroy the
person in front of him. Men today are pussies and have probably never been hit, and if they
have they have been hit by another weak male. Or how about that fat sloppy late 30 early 40
something who hasn’t gotten off the couch in 5 years not a big chance him walking away

A street fighter that is trained in a martial art will beat a martial artist who has never fought
in the street. The fact is MOST average martial artists who only learn indoors, in the safety
of a school, will know enough to get out of the situation maybe, problem is every man, women
and kid think they can actually defend themselves.

Learning how to kick in the street is or could be a matter  life or death.

Everyone loves the high kick, but rarely do they work. 

I learned high kicks are not smart at about 12 years old!

Unless you are highly trained and you know for sure the other guy is not, good luck, its still easy to slip, trip or fall in an unfamiliar environment.

People forget the street is NOT MMA!

There are no rules, no ref, no TKO!

But kicks below the waist are effective to keep someone from stepping in, the kick to the thigh, or front of the knee, will get your opponents attention, and will almost always intimidate your opponent.

You can use the low kick while your opponent steps in, throw a low kick, he will look down giving you time to snap a head shot!

Don’t comment if you haven’t been in a fight since 5th grade! Don’t comment if the only fighting you learned was indoors, and never tried your fight expertise 

Johnny Grube


  1. This is spot on, grappling is a last resort. If in a street fight comes down to the ground, is your last line of defense. If you know jujitsu probably going to handle yourself, but you WILL get hurt. The pavement is an unforgiving arena. You will hit your body with the ground, you will get heavy scratches from the friction (every garment will be tear down to pieces). You may be able to handle one opponent (chokes work fast) but what about weapons? The sleepers buddies? When all said and done strikes (punches to the chin, headbutts, elbow, knees, and thai kicks to the legs ) are what works. Get in, strike hard and fast, Move. Repeat as threat is present.

  2. Dr Boots says

    Seeing someone else do it and doing it yourself are two different things. Grappling is an essential skill. More useful than throwing punches or kicks. Throws and takedowns work very well against those not trained in grappling. If a wrestlier or Judo fighter clinches you and you are not trained in wrestling, you are on the floor. I don’t care how many street fights you have been in. If you have no knowledge of submissions or how to defend against them, you will lose.

  3. Really? Don’t take my word or Johns word, look Geoff Thompson up. Judo and Jujitsu have their self defense aspecs. BUT are not the same as their sports counterpart. Wrestling is a a good awareness art with some application to self defense. The pavement arena is no tatami arena, no soft spot to land on. Grappling has its uses with some modifications, but try clinching a boxer or a thai boxer, or by any means a more aggressive street fighter, it will destroy your face with an elbow, beadbutt or both.

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