Strength Is Being Responsible, Weakness Is Being Irresponsible.

Being strong is being a responsible man, choosing weakness is being an irresponsible man.

Too many weak men posing as strong alpha’s behind a keyboard talking shit being afraid of one on one 

If you support strength there is probably a good chance you practice strength, if you are weak it’s a good
chance you practice weakness.

Strong people spend time with strong people, weak people spend time with weak people, drunks hang with drunks, drug addicts spend time with drug addicts, rich with the rich, poor with the poor.

So it makes sense that if you support degenerate lifestyles you’re probably weak minded and also live degenerate lifestyles.

Lifting weights and following all your hero’s on social media doesn’t make you strong, being a strong man is a man who hasn’t let society dictate to them, the weak need government to intervene, strong men take account for themselves. 

Strong men resist bullying, weak men allow it.

Did you wear a mask in your everyday life? You are weak.

Did you take the experimental jab because you were told to? You are weak.

Did you change your opinions over the last couple of years to conform with everyone else? You are weak.

Did you stay locked indoors at the order of an elected official? You are weak. 

Basically, no matter how you spin it, most men are weak in mind and body.

Toughen Up!


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