Strength Is Built From The Ground Up!

Most people train their body from top to bottom, paying more attention
and time to training the upper body and very little time training the lower

A house built with a foundation is going to be stronger than a tree house, a
tree is stronger when the roots are embedded deeply, than a freshly planted

A tree with weak roots will topple, so will a man with weak legs!

Men that train the upper body more are more interested in looking good than
actual strength, being strong on your back is not very valuable, and it
is no where near important as a strong set of  durable legs.

Leg work is hard and brutal! Hard work for something that hardly anyone
will see for most men is a waste of time, but is the key to a high level of fitness
and strength.

Men that are injured the most lack leg strength, men that spend time strengthing
and conditioning the foundation have a more durable body.  Men who spend more
time training the upper body, laying on a bench or sitting down always will have
more back injuries and take more time off of actually training.

Men that spend most of their time training the upper body carry injury like it is
a source of pride. Telling everyone of your injury mostly likely for sympathy
is telling everyone that you aren’t that strong!

Telling everyone of your injury is like telling everyone you just got your
ass kicked!

And that statement will piss off a lot of strong men! But who gives a fuck, telling
everyone of your injury does nothing but show how weak you really are!

Get some real work in, grab a rock and go for a walk, drag a sled, do some
weighted step ups shouldering a heavy bag for 15 minutes. You will soon
see the big strong upper body will fail quickly, demoralizing you!

Build The Foundation First!

Johnny Grube


  1. That is why I work my legs more than arms.

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