Strength Is Our Savior!

A man with strength and courage will almost NEVER be a low valued minimum wage earner, if he starts at minimum wage he will quickly be earning a better wage, and men who lack strength and courage who earn minimum wage and stay at minimum wage without any growth can never be considered strong.

Strong men work hard to get ahead, to do better for their family, they go the extra yard, they stand out above the lifetime slackers!

Strength builds societies, weakness destroys societies!

Most men no longer take pride in strength, young men actually vilify strength as barbaric!

And if you are ever called barbaric, barbarian, caveman, wildman, knuckle dragger, savage etc take it as a compliment!

You don’t get an opinion if you are wearing skinny jeans, built like a 12 year old girl, sitting around drinking queer coffee drinks in an effeminate, emasculated coffee shop talking to young fat, tattooed, blue hair feminists!

Men can’t get jobs because they don’t want a low paying job, they think walking through the front door they deserve top dollar, they think they are entitled to a better lifestyle without actually earning it!

I talk to men in blue collar jobs everyday and a lot of those guys are slipping into the mass group mind set, men just don’t want to fight, they are okay getting weaker, fatter, as they get drunk every night being brainwashed by mindless television, embracing sports, but their is nothing athletic about these guys!

Men are uncomfortable even having conversations about the decline of society as if I’m a lunitic, it doesn’t take long for me to clear a room.

Men are so afraid of saying something and offending someone or losing their job for speaking out, yet these men continually put themselves in a weaker position by putting themselves in an environment that is not man friendly!

The strong will always be in charge of their situation, the weak can not have anything without the strong giving it to them.

Social elites are trying to change the balance. Opening up weakness as a virture, and strength as something to be shamed!

Changing military physical fitness standards for weak men and women endangers our country, lowering the standards in the police department endangers the people they are supposed to protect and serve. Lower physical fitness standards, put the weaker man  and women at risk and endanger the capable man who need to rush in  to protect a person who should be able to protect themselves!

For the record women should NOT be patrolling in a man dominated environment!

Women are weaker, and need a man to protect them, just like women should NOT be on the front line in the military, women shouldn’t be correctional officers in a male prison, they are ineffective!

It’s men who are destroying society, because it is the man in this country that still make all the rules despite what people think!

Our elites are killing weak men and women by putting them in positions they did NOT earn, and I don’t care!

I care about the citizens they are supposed to protect, and if they can’t protect themselves, they are ineffective in the street!

Men are programmed to “Protect, Provide and Procreate it is our primal nature, women are to nurture the children and family.

Going against nature never has good outcomes!

Never accept weakness in your life, expose and shame the weak in all areas of life, and continue to stomp it out!I

People that embrace weakness are the enemy, they want to take from you!

Man must remain a little uncivilized, it keeps us strong in times of danger!

Johnny Grube


  1. Amazing articles,this is the first time i am leaving a comment ,but im following ur page maybe last 1-2years,i think u have more followers then u think,but we choose not to comment like a dickrider,much much respect,we all here have similar lifestyle

  2. Zm, Thanks. I don’t know if commenting makes anyone a dick rider.

    On other blogs I will usually comment with “Great Article” maybe add to the conversation.

    I appreciate you reading!

  3. Thank you man,its good to know there are other likeminded people ,it never happens that u make bad article,u know,everythink u say is truth,i liked ur book “5 minutes fitness“ too,keep it coming

  4. Lowering physical standards in the military is not a very good idea, the military is supposed to get stronger, not weaker.

  5. Fuck weak men , fuck weak society and fuck the elites ! THE STRONG ARE GOD’S!!!!

    Much Love Wildman keep the articles coming

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