Strength Might Get You Killed!

The mindset of men today is the strongest man is the toughest, and unless you engage in MMA you are not capable of protecting yourself and family!

Strength is always better than weakness.

But the strength someone needs is an opinion.

Physical strength can become a weakness when you start relying on it by itself.

Physically stronger men will use their size for intimidation, which can build over confidence, leading to their weakness being exposed.

Example is MMA fighter and college wrestling champion Brock Lesnar.

The man is a great athlete, strong and powerful.

I was never a fan, because I knew as big as he was, he was probably never punched in the face in his life, his size and athleticism kept him safe.

Brock would over power almost all his opponents, until he was punched in the face, then we seen his weakness, he couldn’t take a punch from lighter, weaker men.

It’s just an example.

If you rely on physical strength only, you might run into guy that goes knuckle deep in your eye socket!

Strength is being strong physically and mentally, and it has to be built through pain!

Men of all sizes are tough and strong but I’m willing to bet in the street the smaller man, is more likely to have to fight, and build toughness and that means not relying on strength as much as relying on savagery!

I have seen big guys get the shit knocked out them all my life.

In the tough man in 1994 I seen heavily muscled men get stomped by smaller less muscled men.

I myself at 5’7″ earned a reputation in high school, in my city and in a blue collar work environment knocking around much bigger men.

I their defense I was always and strong conditioned.

Don’t get me wrong there are a lot of tough big guys, and a lot of tough smaller guys, you can tell the way they carry themselves, and you can also usually tell the type of man he is if he walks around with his shirt sleeve strangling his biceps!

Be as physically and mentally tough as you can be, weakness is never an option!

Johnny Grube


  1. Yeah, there is this idea that size is everything, which is complete bullshit.

  2. Hello everybody,does anyone has an opinion why dagestani fighters overtook mma slowly? My personal two favourits are khabib and zabit

  3. marovsky says

    What the fuck is this shit?

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