Strong Men Are Tough and Durable!

The true sign of a strong man is his durability and toughness not his one rep gym max or the size of his arms.

Guys who get offended if you talk about their safe space, the gym are not durable or tough at least not mentally and that’s where durability and toughness starts, it starts on the inside.

I rarely knew of any men that opened up and shared their weakness with other men because you would get teased!

I’m not talking real issues, I’m talking cry baby issues like excuses as why you are a pussy, why you are always sick or injured, no man wanted to hear a bitch.

Weak men are usually banned by the strong in the herd, we talk about them, tease them, let them know they are weak men.

It’s just natural to NOT want to be around weakness.

You got weak males who comment who are half my age who must be embarrassed they are weaker than a middle aged man.

Listening to these half wits would be like taking advice from my kids who are probably older than the idiots who comment.

Toughness and durability is what men are respected for, not injuries or excuses!

I think most get tied into a fake life through social media, a made up fanasty made up by the weakest male possible.

A tough, durable man has always been able handle himself in the street and his women in bed!

Today men go to the gym and are still weak and fragile in mind and body they jerkoff to porn, while trying to come off as an alpha male!

Judge all by their weakness and strength, honor all that is strong and vilify all that is weak!

Stop fucking up and become the toughest and most durable man you can become!

Johnny Grube


  1. It’s currently snowing where I am. I am more than fucking ready to shovel. Haha, a lot of people keep asking me why I am so proud of shoveling? It’s because not only it’s a workout, it makes me tougher the more my muscles burn and being able to push through.

  2. I shoveled snow before work, at work, after work, tonight heavy snow with ice. Got in a short work also tonight.

  3. Shoveled snow for almost an hour. Finished by doing 500 push ups, followed by a 5 minute push up hold. I still felt like doing more work lol. Shit filled me with euphoria!!

  4. Snow mixed with water made it extra tough!!!

  5. Definitely had a grand old time shoveling today while watching weak men with their snow blowers

  6. It’s true that many people live in a fantasy world BUT to them that is reality because they may never need to step outside that wolrd .A lot of people can go through their whole life without beibg tested or presured , the worst thing that might happen to them is being insulted on line which will get them feeling suicidal they are so weak.

  7. Good let them off themselves, culling the herd is part of nature.

  8. Damn right. Sadly they rarely get that far , they like to hurt themselves just enough to get more attention and sympathy from deluded liberals

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