Strong Men Do Weighted Pushup Holds, Weak Men Do Forearm Planks!

Yes, another boring Weighted Isometric Pushup for time.

I love these isometric holds because they are toughness builders.

The longer your muscles are under tension, the stronger you get.

What I do hate is men who do forearm planks, that is such a bitch exercise focusing entirely on abs, a women’s exercise!

The forearm plank is ONLY acceptable if you are using a good amount of weight on your back. If this offends you, you know this is an exercise for women and weak men, who think they will get a six pack!

The weighted isometric pushup hold IS a total body strength builder, as simple as it looks, the benefits are huge.

I guarantee when you are capable of doing a five minute weighted isometric pushup you will be as strong fuck!

Especially if it ever comes down to a physical combat like wrestling, your body will be strong from head to toe.

Put on a weighted back pack or weighted vest hold the pushup position for 2 to 3 minutes, lower to mid pushup position(arms parallel) hold 30 to 45 seconds, push back to the top and finish the remaining time, or as long as you can.

I doubt very few world class athletes could easily handle or even complete this simple little toughness and strength builder!

Johnny Grube


  1. Hah! I might try that Johnny G!!


  2. This shit is no joke ! I tried this yesterday without any added weight and dam this kicked the shit out of any pushup workout I ever did in my life ! I can’t wait to try this with weight . This is a serious strength and conditioning tool . Johnny Grube knows his shit !

  3. @Chuck

    Working hard man, keep up the hardwork man!!

  4. Johnny is the man.Best way of training that really works.Screw the masses and there gymnast B.S. training.

  5. Yeah this must be a difficult exercise to do especially with added weight on your back.I can only hold the pushup position only for 7 minutes total. I will improve it to at least 15 minutes and then ill add a weighted backpack after.

  6. @John Smith

    You are a beast man, keep it up. I tried this myself, it really is a great workout.

  7. @Marovsky

    Thanks man just keep going untill you cant go no more.

  8. @John Smith

    Training to failure, HELL YEAH!!!

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