Strong Men Have Brothers, Weak Men Have Friends.

Fuck friends! Friends eventually try to bring you down, stab you in the back for their gain.

Men need brothers, I won’t spend time with someone who I don’t consider a brother!

Society is rampant with weak men who look to latch on to anyone with strength in hopes of becoming part of the inside yet never take action!

It’s so fucking important who you spend time with, strong spend their time getting stronger, the weak spend time getting weaker, and you can never allow anyone in your brotherhood who lives in never ending weakness!

Strong men have brothers, weak men brag about having a lot of friends!

I personally don’t want friends, if I consider you a friend, you are my brother!

Strong men will not be dragged down by the ways of the weak man, they will tell you to get fucked and move on!

Brothers will support you, make you stronger, but even a brother may let you down and have to be cut loose!

A weak apologetic man is no one I would spend time with, if you are complaining your fuck ups are someone else’s on a regular basis, you lack accountability, and pride!

I would rather have enemies, because at least you know where you stand and can be aware, of an attack, you drop your guard with so called friends!

Never show or tell your weakness I guarantee a friend will use them against you.

It’s better stand alone than have unworthy men in your life pretending they are friends!

Fuck friends, earn enemies, build brotherhood!

Johnny Grube



  1. BrooklynChuck says

    FUCK YEA!!!! Me and my wife and only one true brother I have and he’s not blood but like you said fuck friends!

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