Strong Men Promote Strength But Bitch About Their Weakness!

Here’s are news flash! I DON’T TRAIN FOR THE SAKE OF THE EXERCISE! I train for what it does for me outside of the exercise!

An example, why do I have to go all the way down, chest to the floor? Why do I have to go to full lock out? The answer is I DON’T!

If you train you body with complete “good boy” form and range of motion in the gym ALL the time, and you live the rest of your life void  of other physical activity, like having an office job, you are doomed to constant injuries!

Most strong, tough guys pride themselves with the non conforming attitude, yet conform to everything they see in the gym!

Don’t believe me, go on any social media site, and find all the strong, tough guys who promote strength, good form and range of motion are always crying like a bitch about constant injury!

If you always hurt, you are fucking up! If you are claiming to be using good form you figure injuries would be non existent, so if your using good form and you still get hurt, who gives two fucks if you use less then good form? I mean injury is injury! 

If you train your body with proper gym form, more than you train your body for workable strength, you will get injured with the littlest movement that doesn’t mimic your gym training form!

You don’t use the same form or the same grip lifting a couch as you do dead lifting. What gym exercise will help you hand truck a refrigerator up a few flights of stairs? Waiting for a response! 

You can say squat, or dead lift and you will still struggle because there is no proper form!

You need form in the gym because most exercises are unnatural movements, you don’t need to show a little kid how to squat or pick things up, little kids never run long distance, they sprint, walk and sprint again but the gym culture changed how the body works.

An example would be doing burpees dropping down, doing the pushup until the arms are parallel, bringing in the legs up wide, and jumping up an inch.

But the exercise police will tell you you have to go down lower, or you have to jump higher when all I’m doing is doing an exercise that will help me off the ground, IF I end up on the ground!

Do you pride yourself with squatting heavy weight so you can get off the couch faster? Is there EVER been a time outside the gym you had to squat 600 lbs? Doubt it!

You would more likely have to shoulder something heavy and climb steps then ever have to squat 600 lbs outside the gym.

I guarantee I will out work any man who squats 600 lbs, walking stairs while shouldering a moderate weight.

You fucking strong guys hurt yourself because you train for the gym, it’s ego, it’s looking in the mirror, it’s walking around with you chest puffed out, showing your dominance, which is crippling your body and mind! 

So before you cry out good or bad form you better be a durable fucking guy who isn’t always complaining you’re hurt!

A strong man isn’t a constantly injured man!

Johnny Grube


  1. Anthony Romayo says

    I agree. I have firsthand experience to prove this. Since i switched back to bodyweight only training,
    I have become much more efficient at my job. I drive a truck and make wind alone has doubled from circuit training. I was,a good deadlifter and squatter and those exercises did shit for my job. Bodyweight training has been much more beneficial for me in everyday life. The simpler the workout, the better the benefits.

  2. BrooklynChuck says

    Exercise police never last in the real world . They fall into any web that is before them . Book after book of the same old bodybuilding routines mixed in different ways . The newest shakes , pills etc.. expensive and boring life to live

  3. Andrew stone says

    After years of weights switching to push-ups,Pullups and biking have made me much more efficient
    At my physically demanding job.
    Isometrics have also healed up some niggly injuries.
    No more gyms for me!

  4. BrooklynChuck says

    Very well said Andrew

  5. Owen Annicchiarico says

    Masterfully said, Johnny.


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    Strong Men Promote Strength But Bitch About Their Weakness!

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