Strong Men Who Embrace Weakness For Their Own Gain!

Being born a boy does not mean you will grow into a man, age has nothing to do with it,becoming a man is earned!

Men of the past were stronger and tougher than men today!

Men today are fatter, and weaker with less testosterone, they complain more and miss more work, they take no responsibility for their feminine transformation!

The ONLY reason men live longer today is medical advances!

Without medical care as advanced over weight fat fucks would be dropping dead left and right!

More people would be handicapped from the loss of limbs through amputation for diabetes complications.

Older societies didn’t have this much disease or sickness.

Disease comes from constant consumption of bad foods made accessible by big corporations
to sicken the public.

Then you are forced on pharmaceutical drugs also owned by the same corporations!

If you are on medications you are totally to blame for your sickness!

Weakness is a mental sickness!

To breed a weak family is a mental sickness!

Men were put here for three things:

1. Procreate with a woman.
2. Protect your family.
3. Provide for your family.

And if you can’t or won’t do this are you really a man?

If you can’t find a women, maybe a good women can sense you are a man
of less value, weak and can’t carry out the job as a provider!

Strong men today seem to encourage weakness, by telling men it takes strength to show your weakness!


Fucking hippie bullshit!

These men are manipulating  your weakness to get followers, to buy their books, and build a fan base!

They don’t know you or care about you, they just want to make you feel important!

Your weakness their gain!

If you share your weakness on social media, you are pathetic, strength is lost on you!

Learn on your own before you beg for help like a bitch.

Never help a man before you see what he is willing to do to help himself!

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    Keep kicking ass Grube!!

  2. It’s getting bad out there John . These fucking men are a tragedy to mankind lol. I can’t fucking stand weak men I really can’t. Social media is full of them . This is why I no longer have social media . Got fucking sick and tired of hearing weak men complain all the time. They’re everywhere these days . My job is filled with them . Fucking urks my nerves . Stay kicking ass John. Keep exposing these weak bastards I love it

  3. Thanks!

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