Strong Takes; The Weak Get Taken!

I can give a fuck about how you see life!  Most people have been fooled into thinking
life is some kind of fairy tale, and its just why we have been failing as a society! We
have be fooled into thinking hard work is not the way to success but victimization is!
We are being taught the way to success is through the hard work of others, and then
we will take from them and give to you.

We have been told to let others pay our way instead of working for what
we want, we look
into a lens that is clouded through booze, drugs
and subliminal messages put out through
media tv and radio, they
know  if we are exposed enough we will start to believe the bullshit
weakness they spew on us.

Weak kids killing themselves, because of bullying or cyber bullying seems to be the
fault of a weak pathetic parent! Words offending people, safe spaces all created by
the weakness of society!

We are being lead to believe that strength is weakness and weakness is strength. Most
people spend time with weak people like them, getting views and lifestyle advice from
people exactly like them; and they wonder why they continue to fail with the failed
advice they are given!

We are fooled into thinking others need to provide for us, society was built on strength
it was built on survival of the fittest, it was strength takes and the weak get taken!

Society wants to tell you if you have different beliefs you are the problem. If you are not
for faggot fucking, Transgender dick chopping, child raping you are  homophobic or
Islamophobic and the weakest in society feel that you are a savage for negative backlash
people can live the way they want just as long as you don’t fuck with me! Society won’t tell
me not to stomp some transgenders head through the floor for making the mistake of
stepping in a bathroom with my wife or daughter or grand daughter!

I ain’t your fucking whipping boy!  If you think people like me will ever start to think
that faggot fucking is okay you are fucking loony!  I like words like faggot, because it pisses
off the weakest of society. Weak people get offended and look for protection from strong
people, the biggest cry babies in society are the people in black communities, they are the
biggest pussy victims, but should be the strongest just from adversity!

They have been told by society they are weak  that they are inferior and aren’t smart
enough, by their own black leaders! Maybe they aren’t smart enough! And the black
men that will get offended by this are the weak faggots that need people to provide for
them the strong black men know that they aren’t the ones crying because they are to
busy raising a family making things happen!

Adversity builds strength in people, but the black communities have given up.
They are FUCKING weak.  The strong get beat down, and keep getting up. Its the weak
mindset that says stay down and cover up and hope someone strong rescues me, FUCK

Rescue yourself weak muthafucker!

Bad things are coming, and if you think that protection from savages will be there,
you are fucking insane!  People are training and waiting and the massacre will be bad.
Talk all you want about the inner cities where the weak pray on the weak.  Cowards with
guns who gun down innocent people because they are afraid to get their soft ass weak hands
dirty. When one of these weak cowards run into a complete man they will lose! strong men
are waiting, the strong ruled before and they will rule again, fuck law and order,
you just gotta fuck people up!

There was a time when the strong man was thought of as an uneducated animal, but today
the savage wildman is the self taught educated brute with high intelligence, their mind is
stronger then their brawn. The weak will never get their take. Weak men and weak
can NOT rise out of the shit that society has created for them.

Darkness is coming and coming fast. The weak people that think they will be spared by the same
people playing the victims, they will be slaughtered.  We live in a alternate world where society
sucks off the producers and think this is the way to perfect harmony. If a person feels you
them because of their weakness they should be eliminated, they should not
be allowed to
populate this world, they are the bottom feeders of society.

Law and order is the ONLY thing stopping the weak from being eliminated, the most
man is the man who has nothing to lose. But when you take from the
strong who have been carrying the load and take everything from him, he become more
dangerous! The protector and provider becomes the most dangerous animal
when you
try and take from him and his family!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Great post.

  2. Thanks!

  3. Chris mchone says

    Fucking awesome post

  4. HELL YEAH!!!!!

  5. That’s why Darwinism exists.

  6. “the savage wildman is the self taught educated brute with high intelligence, ”

    Mental , physical , emotional , and moral strength , unbeatable !

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