Struggle And Adversity Is The Only Way To Manhood!

When I talk strength I usually talking all around toughness and durability, rarely do I mean it as one rep gym strength.

I usually refer strength to what you have endured through your life, you either become stronger or weaker.

And most men choose weakeness, it’s easier to choose weakness, and it shows up in addictions like booze, drugs, porn, abusive relationships etc,

These men choose excuses instead of personal responsibility for the past!

Only Strong men will leave the past behind, they never forget the past, the past made you the man you are, the past drives a strong man to be better, stronger and more capable, but the past will drive a weak man to self destruction!

The weak man who has given up, who plays the victim, who lacks personal responsibility is a disease, only other weak diseased men will associate with a man of such weakness.

Rarely is the physically strongest man the toughest man, and rarely is the toughest guy the physically strongest.

Men need to be strong, tough and durable physically and mentally, one without the other is ineffective!

Strong men have to be vicious with their lives!

No legend ever led an easy life!

Men today grow up without adversity, without struggle, and man can NOT grow without adversity and struggle.

Struggle is necessary to grow in to a strong capable man!

Without strong, tough, durable men society crumbles!

Women don’t want weak men, and strong men have no time for the weak man!

Be the strongest, toughest, and most durable man you can be!

Johnny Grube


  1. Hell yeah! Shit in life doesn’t come easy, it was meant to be hard.

    You either let life conquer you or you conquer life.

  2. @Marovsky

    Hell yea brother you got that shit right ! Cheers to the strong

  3. I love these rants John. I come on here every day to hear your advice. I think you are setting the right example for your children. I read your post the other week. The one about your daughter who is married to a dead-beat. It must make you angry to see that. I hope it all works out.

  4. Paul thanks, My daughter is no longer married to the bum. She has been married to good dude a couple of years now.


    He [Gurdjieff] asked to look at my leg, on which I was still wearing a small bandage, and when he had pronounced it cured, he asked me if I remembered what he had said about Philos helping me to identify his car when he arrived at the Prieure gates. I said that I did, of course, and he said that these two things—the help of the dog, and the infection in my knee—had one thing in common. They were proof, of a kind, of man’s dependence on other creatures. “To dog, you owe thanks, because he help you with small thing; to me you owe more than this, perhaps owe life to me. They try when I not here, even doctor try, fix your leg, but only get worse. When I come, I fix leg, because only I know about this new medicine which have in France now. I know this because I interested in everything, because necessary know all things for self in life. Just because I know this thing, and because I come back in time, you now well. You all right.”

    I said that I realized this and I thanked him for what he had done. He smiled, indulgently, and said that it was impossible to thank him for what he had done for me. “Cannot give thanks for life, not possible give enough thanks; also perhaps will be times when you wish I not save life. You young now, you glad not die—this serious thing, because illness like you have very dangerous, can even kill. But when you grow, you not always like life, and maybe you not thank me, but make curse on me because I not let die. So do not thank now.”

    He went on, then, to say that life was a ” . . . two-edged sword. In your country, you think life is only for pleasure. You have saying in your country: ‘pursuit of happiness’, and this saying show that people not understand life. Happiness is nothing, is only other side of unhappiness. But in your country, in most of world now, people only want happiness. Other things also important: suffering important because is also part of life, necessary part. Without suffering man cannot grow, but when you suffer, you think only of self, you feel sorry for self, wish not to suffer because this make you feel not comfortable, make you wish escape from thing that make you feel bad. When man suffer, he feel only self-pity. Not so if real man. Real man also sometimes feel happiness, real happiness; but when he also feel real suffering, he not try to stop this thing in self. He accept this because he know is proper to man. Must suffer to know truth about self; must learn suffer with ‘will’. When suffering come to man must make intentional suffering, must feel with all being; must wish with such suffering that it will help make conscious; help to understand.”

    “You have only physical suffering, suffering of body because of pain in leg. This suffering also help if you know how to use for self. But this is suffering like animal, not important suffering. With other suffering, suffering in all self, is possibility understand that all people suffer this way, is possibility also understand how depend on Nature, on other people, on everything, for help in life. Cannot live life alone. ‘Aloneness’—not loneliness, which is bad thing—but ‘aloneness’ can be good thing for man, very necessary for life, but also necessary learn not live alone because real life depend on other human being and not just on self. Now, you still boy, cannot understand what I talk—but remember this thing; remember for time when you not thank me because I save life.”

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