Suicidal Men Are Useless!

I love blocking faggots! Males that have no right to an opinion, on my blog.

My blog my rules.

Men want respect confront me face to face or cower away.

I don’t know if you guys know there are weak men out there in their who are in their 30’s ┬ámaybe they have Tourettes syndrome and are suicidal.

Problem is he is a coward and hasn’t put a gun in his mouth or danced at the end of a rope.

He is mostly likely buying prostitutes, spending all day on porn sites, wearing his mother’s clothes.

How pathetic is a man who makes fake email addresses to show everyone he is a weak pathetic man jerking off multiple times a day while the government pays his way.

This guy has no wife, no kids, no job really has no reason to live.

My only question is why are men like this cowards?

These weak men actually think attacking online is manly and tough, that’s the pathetic state of mentally disabled men.

Johnny Grube


  1. Marovsky says

    In direct response to that faggot who literally stole our usernames, and prove he’s tough.

    After I thought it through, I seen how downright pathetic it was.

    You the man John Grube!!

  2. I put all those in spam. I check regularly to delete the coward.

  3. JD Bella says

    I still remember like it was yesterday,when back in high school,a friend of mine said ”my dad can pound out dents in fenders”. His dad worked in a auto body repair shop. I thought ”yeah right”! So, we drove to his dad’s place of work,and I saw with my own eyes,his dad pounding out dents with his ‘BARE HANDS”! I just about shit seeing this,my jaw must have hung down in total amazement. I could hardly believe what I was seeing. I said to my friend,’DAMN,I SURE AS HELL WOULD NOT WANT TO BE PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY YOUR FATHER! This was a sight to be hold.

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