Suicide For Weak Males Might Be The Best Option

Sometimes I think weak males should just see that suicide might be their best option.

Suicide takes out the weak and makes room for the strong, the strong is taken in battle, the strong never thinks of ending it unless their is absolutely no other way.

Look at all these musicians and Hollywood stars who kill themselves, fuck them!

Weak fucks who abandon their families for their own selfishness don t deserve to be remembered by anyone!

Gotta tell ya I have fun upsetting little weak queers who hide and and comment, especially when you know who they are.

I have no time to entertain men who are of no value who have their feelings hurt by words.

I can only wonder what it’s like to have no one, no wife no girlfriend no kids, no grandkids only their computer and porn.

Useless men of no value will never be missed.

These males don’t exsit, only to their mothers they probably fantasize about because it was the last women to touch them.

They were virgins in high school until they found out by working minimum wage jobs they could buy beer, watch porn and pay for sex.

It’s really sad males who go through life everyday thinking of reasons to live, when they know deep down inside they won’t be missed.

A man is not offended by words, only males who have been abused emotionally by words, they scream like girls, the girls they have not yet touched without paying for it.

These males would blow any dude who would just be friends with them, who will just let them be relevant.

If they aren’t smart or strong enough to seek help and instead seek sympathy, why would you waste your time?

We have way to many weak men who are fucking things up, making it tough for the strong, for the people who bring value to others.

Never talk anyone out of suicide that has no value, it’s best for them and society.

Johnny Grube


  1. Watching porn and paying for sex would definitely make me want to off myself . This article is indeed a homerun

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