Sunday Morning Rant-Smokers are weak minded

I have a problem with anyone who works out and smokes. These people are
the worst. They have no integrity. People that smoke are weak minded.
People that think that if they smoke but work out some how will balance
it’s self out. I hear from people that I know, some people smoke their whole
life and never got sick or died of cancer. Yeah, I know alcoholics that never
died from liver cancer so it’s o.k to be an alcoholic.

Smokers give control to the cigarette. The first thing in the morning all they
care about is do I have enough cigarette’s to last me through the day.

I love the the guys on fitness forums that will talk about fitness and exercise
and show pictures of them smoking. I love the excuses for smoking too.

If you are serious about fitness and health I think you do what you can to
eliminate these health habits. In my opinion these are same people that will
preach about how they exercise and how other people should, but smoke,
it pisses me off!

And when someone who use tobacco either chew or cigarettes get’s cancer
I really have no sympathy for them. Because I believe these people did it to
themselves. My own father has emphysema from smoking my mom had 3
strokes and still smokes and drinks and I have no sympathy for them either.

So if you smoke and are drunk more then your sober don’t follow me or ask
me questions because you will never get a response from me.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Tim Allen says

    Someone whom is consumed by the outward appearance of their body, and work out for the adrenalin rush are very similar to smokers and drinkers. You are addicted to another drug fitness. Having a blog is looking for validation for your addiction. None of this is necessarily true, being your true self without validation from others is the most difficult thing to accomplish and we should all simply try to be our best selves we can be.

    I wish good things, I felt your negativity and unwillingness to feel compassion for weak people. Sometimes people just need a good kick in the rear to show them a different. You are correct in the fact that the majority of people are weak and functionally illiterate.


  2. FreneticZetetic says

    ^The difference between the author, and your example here, is his dopamine kick is productive. If you had a chart of all the pros and cons of this blog vs smoking butts and working out, you’d see more green arrows on the former and more red x’s on the latter.

    It’s comments like your that dilute world perspectives for people on the fence, who genuinely need a shift in perspective. The world doesn’t need more blind positive love. It needs more articulated, reasoned, balanced assertiveness.

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