Super Bowl Watching Fat Boys!

I haven’t watched a football game in three years fuck the NFL and their cry baby victim mentality players!

Worse than these players are the actual men who watch and support these players by buying their products and wearing jerseys with another man’s name on them!

This Sunday every cool guy will be spending a ton a money on booze and food to get fatter and more stupid!

How pathetic are most fat out of shape men screaming at a tv because a ref made a bad call? Are you that vested in a team or players who can give a fuck less about you?

All they care about how stupid you are to spend money and waste all day on a game that matters to no one anywhere.

If this is you, how pathetic is your life?

Most are fat men with fat wives, the wives are wearing the jersey of the man they would rather fuck, and you are wearing the Jersey of a man you want to fuck!

So spend all day drinking booze, eating cheetos, pizza, wings then passing out, while your under sexed wife plays with herself while you snore from a fat blubbery neck, wasting away because your testosterone is low from doing nothing manly except confronting the ref on tv!

Enjoy the Super Bowl!

Johnny Grube


  1. Ha ha, great rant there!

    I would rather be the player in a sport, not the one watching them in a television.

  2. Johnny,

    I love this stuff. I couldn’t care less about a sports game. These over payed athletes are not my hero’s. These ball games don’t matter to me. I exercise to improve myself. I workout to get stronger and in better condition.

    It’s my fitness I worry about not someone else’s. Why spend so much time watching other people workout ? They don’t know me, the don’t give a fuck about me, why should I care about them ?

  3. FUCKING EPIC !!!!!

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