Superman Pushups, Are For Supermen

Strength comes in many forms, strength and physical fitness has NEVER been complicated.

Sometimes you need to fuck around and try things, to test your entire body strength. Superman Pushups will test that strength!

I make more progress and have for a long time worrying about my training, not someone else’s.

Not everyone cares about the NEW training book, or diet, or exercise equipment, and over the years I have become stronger training my way, and training in solitude!

Stronger, Tougher and Meaner than yesterday!

Johnny Grube


  1. good!

  2. I am able to do superman pushups, despite NOT TRAINING for it at all.

  3. Marovsky, I never trained for them, but was always able to do them. These videos were me just messing around.

  4. @Johnny Grube

    I see that. Great post man!!

  5. Seems like only basic but brutal training opens many doors to other movements that requires superhuman strength.

  6. Supermans are always a good one . Good post as always John

  7. @Chuck
    What do you think about the muscles pump? Ever since I would do extremely high reps for example up to 1000 or more reps, I would feel that my muscles would burst. I have heard that it’s a pump. Is muscle pump beneficial at all?

  8. @Marovsky

    As if it’s beneficial, I’m sure it is in some way . I feel it’s more like a (comes with the territory) type of thing if you ask me . Sure beats the shit out of bicep curling for a pump I’ll tell you that for sure . In the bodybuilding world they praise the muscle pump. Me It’s never my main focus . I go into a workout, I bust ass and if the pump presents itself I don’t complain lol

  9. @Chuck
    Oh, I see. Well, I shouldn’t worry about it myself then. All I got to do is get in a good workout lol.

  10. @Chuck

    Did you ever try high rep work?

  11. @Chuck
    Ignore that question.

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