Survival Physical Fitness

Every guy on the planet thinks they are in good enough shape to save
their own life. Hey, man if you breathe heavy after you take the stairs
or have a tough time getting off the couch you can’t save your own life
or your family!

Survival fitness isn’t found in the gym, but you can build a good foundation
by getting stronger. A lot of big heavy weight pushers will almost always
disagree with that statement. A heavy bench press will not help you if you
fall over board in a lake, a heavy squat does not mean you can carry a
person to safety in rough terrain and a heavy dead lift will not allow you
to row a boat a few miles to safety.

Jogging does not help you if you get in a fist fight or a wrestling match
and it will not help you be able to carry someone a 1/4 mile if you had

Navy Seals

When it comes to Physical Fitness I want to be trained like
a Navy Seal and NOT a power lifter!

I subscribe to the, do what’s the most efficient for your training. I no longer
want to train an hour a day, or lift heavy weights or practice doing things like
handstand pushups, that take away from actual training. People spend too
much time training for weight loss or a 6 pack abs than training for real
world situations.

People do NOT need the gym to become a strong conditioned man.

I have found this out after years of heavy weight training and weighing
240lb and finding out that all that strength and extra weight never really
transferred to the outside world except in lifting heavy things a few times.


I lost 85lbs and decided to train like I trained many years ago to and
to build “Conditioned Strength” workable strength that has a
crossover to the real world.

To keeping an overly huge amount of fat or even muscle for most is
not useful for survival fitness. If a huge man is in the woods and
can’t hike out, has a tough time over rough terrain, can’t balance
on a down tree or pull himself in to a tree what good is having
massive strength?

Years ago after losing 85lb and going back to a more conditioned
athletic person things really opened my eyes.

I was kayaking in the Allegheny River not realizing I was in swollen
river I could not get back up stream I paddled for an 1 1/2 to find
a way out of the river, and had to pull my kayak up a mud cliff side
and threw the kayak and walked over 3 miles to the place I was
staying, and I could never have done that with all the extra body
weight, no big lift would have helped the situation, conditioning
got me out of the situation.

Can you run a mile, sprint a 1/4 mile can you swim an hour, can
you carry half your bodyweight for miles over rough terrain?

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Excellent! This is like your earlier post on why it’s better to train like a Seal rather than a Strongman. In the real world it’s all about survival not showing out. Jack Lalanne would have been conditioned for survival in practically any situation. Arnold? Not so much.

  2. as true as it may be, why is the handstand push up useless and the ring push up for example not? does not make sense. you can do a wall supported handstand push up without the balance skills and build strength.
    not trying to be a hater here, but it just doesn´t make sense.

  3. Why would I ever need to do a handstand? In case I fall on my head? Ever been on the
    floor face down? A pushing off the floor is a natural movement, handstands are not.
    there is no reason except for exercise. Do I need to pick up heavy weight over
    my head? If so why? Like the great fighter Bas Rutten said why do overhead pressing
    it doesn’t help me in fighting.

  4. well, in fighting maybe not. but putting stuff overhead is something everone once in while must do (luggage on a train, children in the air, at construction work, etc.)
    the weight depends on the situation, but being able to lift at least bodyweight sounds not unuseful to me.
    you don´t have to kill yourself, thats right, but you can work up the weight in time.

  5. Have been a laborer for 35 years! And have almost NEVER have to pick up anything
    over my head 70 lbs. I could push press 285 lbs long ago and I never needed that type
    of strength. When we would have feats of strength on the dock was the only time.

    Fill a cooler with 100lbs of ice or a sand bag with 100 lbs if you can lift that
    you are stronger than 99% of everyone. A 100lbs on a barbell is not the same
    as 100 lbs of sand or a 100 lb oversized object.

    Shoulders are small muscles, that is why more people have more shoulder
    injuries then quad injuries. The muscles are made to life light to moderate weight
    many times.

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