Sweat and Pain are the rewards for real physical fitness.

Sweat and Pain are the rewards for real physical fitness.

If you want a quick ass kicker try the 3 pushup shuffle burpee.
The great thing about using your own bodyweight is you never
get bored.

This burpee is tough because of the many different body
movements it takes to complete it. The key to becoming
extremely physically fit is to always be changing movements.

The more body parts you use at one time will build great
body awareness. Build power, quickness, endurance,
muscular endurance etc.

The more of the body you get involved at one time, the
more calories you will burn.

This quick workout will bring you to your knees in quick

The workout:

Work 100 yards as fast as possible. Rest when you have to
but go when you can. It should take no more than 8 minutes
to get the 100 yards.

Rest 3 or 4 minutes then repeat it.

On the next set try and beat your time from the first session.

To get in great shape and physically fit is to get stronger and
work harder at the end of the workout. Anyone can train hard
in the beginning. The end is where toughness is built, where
the sweat and pain are the rewards for real physical fitness.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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