Building a “Superman” core with one exercise

Building a “Superman” core with one exercise I’m not big on having a six pack; I focus on the function and strength of my body as a whole. Spending half of a workout to build a six pack is a waste of time considering abs are made in the kitchen. Today’s television, media, magazines and all other forms of advertisement points to having abs. We live in a vanity type country; problem is we … [Read more...]

Bodyweight training – Sprinting vs Distance running

  Sprinting burns fat Distance running eats away at your muscles Sprinting builds HGH Distance running lowers HGH Think about this for one minute. Police sprint to catch a criminal, criminal sprints to avoid police. Animal sprints toward you to attack, you sprint away from the animal hoping to not get attacked. Run distance if you want, but it will be sprinting that will … [Read more...]

A Great Way To Start the Day

If you get up in the morning tired and need a quick pick me up the best way to get energy is a quick bodyweight workout. All my life I have trained before work and it has always had a great effect on me, better attitude, a feeling of getting it out of the way so I can focus on the next task at hand. Your early morning training can be as simple as 25 or 30 pushups just to get the blood … [Read more...]