Bodyweight training – Sprinting vs Distance running

  Sprinting burns fat Distance running eats away at your muscles Sprinting builds HGH Distance running lowers HGH Think about this for one minute. Police sprint to catch a criminal, criminal sprints to avoid police. Animal sprints toward you to attack, you sprint away from the animal hoping to not get attacked. Run distance if you want, but it will be sprinting that will … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training – Are you being suckered?

I can't handle this anymore. Most of these bodyweight gurus are f***'n frauds and I can care less if you don't like it or not. Most of the programs out there are for the weak man. Men that think that strength is physical fitness. I probably have a bigger library of training books then most library's and there is only one or two that actually are worth anything. Don't get me wrong you can … [Read more...]