A 35 lb Rock picked up and pressed 807 times!

I like to take one day a week in my training and do what I call a "Mental Toughness Day" I feel most people that train don't push themselves enough. Of course every single person that trains will tell you they work hard! They know what it's like to push hard. The more and more I talk to the average muscle head and listen to his training workouts and with my years of being in the gym, most … [Read more...]

How to become more disciplined in 3 days – the cure for Discipline Deficiency Syndrome

Do you have “Discipline Deficiency Syndrome?” This illness afflicts countless people. It has no borders. It attacks everyone without prejudice. It can prevent you from becoming the person you are capable of being. It can ruin your aspirations and destroy your life. Fortunately, there is a cure. I learned how to become a disciplined person by embracing Black Belt Mindset. Actually, it … [Read more...]