“Conditioned Strength” Makes A Weak Man Strong and A Strong Man Weak

Here is a workout that will test some physical and mental toughness it's very leg intensive and don't think jumping rope is a rest, all it does is make it harder to jump as the legs get tired: Jump rope 50 times - Do 10 step ups on a 15"bench holding a 50 lb plate for 50 non stop rounds when done you will have done 500 stepĀ ups holding a 50 lb plate and have jumped rope 2,500 times I have … [Read more...]

Bodyweight Training-Tough 8 – Count Bodybuilder Workout.

Years ago when I read a Navy Seal workout book and was introduced to the dreaded 8 - count bodybuilder I found a tougher than thought exercise. In the book the Seal talked about every Friday they had to do 100 non stop 8 - count body builders and he hated them so much that in the workout section he left them out stating " I left 8 - count bodybuilder out for obvious reasons" He hated them. … [Read more...]