Bodyweight training prison style 1000 pushups,600 curls,do 600 dips,do 1000 situps STRAIGHT, non-stop.

Real Prison Fitness Training Ever since I did blogs about what true prison fitness was actually like and went against the book "Convict Conditioning". I got a lot of people pissed off that bought into the "Convict Conditioning" theory. I was told I don't know what I'm talking about and was told to stay in the gym,in the corner and do curls,hahaha pissed off people that were fooled. On … [Read more...]

Over training bullshit! Part 1

Really, over training? When someone gets injured the first thing most people think is they are over training. I do believe people need to rest but the majority really think by treadmill training or kettle bell swinging or doing hundreds of pushups they are over training. All the years I have been training and it's over 30 years my injuries always come from doing something stupid. It wasn't … [Read more...]