Every Day is Another Day to Build Toughness

Every day is another day to build toughness, physical and mental pain build toughness. Mental and physical toughness is also built through adversity, most people use adversity as a chance to play the victim card. People that cant handle adversity, and play the victim card are the weakest of people. But you can train physical and mental toughness that will help in all areas of life by … [Read more...]

How Street Fighter Geoff Thompson Faced His Fears And Demons

  Wisdom January 12th, 2014 How One Man Faced All His Fears And Demons By Daddy Little known in North America, Geoff Thompson is a man of many talents recognized for his street fighting credentials and self-defense advises among the most influential martial artists in the world. He is an example of self-improvement and dedication, of how a man can … [Read more...]

The Biggest Secret to a Street Fighters Conditioning

One secret in a street fight is the way you are conditioned for it. Fighting in the street is another animal. Years ago I learned in Shotokan Karate that no one in the street fights this way, how did I know this? When I was charged at and I realized just somethings will not work. I found that the guy in good condition usually gets the better of the fight when it comes down to throwing … [Read more...]