Thanksgiving Thoughts!

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I will give my thoughts:

Everybody likes to say Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks, well everyday is a
day to give thanks!

People are unhappy because they are not thankful everyday, they look at the things they don’t have, they look at the things other people have and never look at how
lucky they are. Be thankful everyday!

So one day of giving thanks is BULLSHIT!

And to all the people that worry about the amount of food they will eat:

If you take care of yourself daily and eat right you people will have no issues.

But to the people who spend 11 months getting fat and then worry about over eating, I say why stop now, continue to shovel the food in, go for the full 12 month’s of getting fat and end the year with a victory!

Strength Builds Toughness

Johnny Grube

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