Bodyweight Training – The 100 Pushup Philosophy

The 100 Pushup Philosophy

I have always said a man that can do 100 straight pushups will
almost always be in great shape. How can I say that a man that
can do only 100 pushups be in great shape?

The first thing is 100 straight pushups are not easy for the average
man or even most weight trainers. I have been training for over
30 years and have never seen any man do 100 straight pushups in

I have seen 70 I have even seen 80 pushups in a row but not 100.

The reason that 100 pushups are rare is because it takes more
than just strength it also requires a total body effort to execute
the pushup while keeping the body straight throughout the
entire exercise.

But, to get the big bench almost always requires low reps and
long rest periods. Sometimes longer than 2 minutes. Building
a big bench is not getting you conditioned to do anything but
lying down and pushing a weight off your chest. And oh yeah
telling people how much you can bench.

Really, how many men do you think that go to the gym can do
many more than 50 pushups? Here’s another difference with
the pushup and the bench press. Training to bigger bench
numbers, you will push and push and push some more all in
the name to get the big bench, but the majority of people once
they get to their max number of pushups stop and think workout

The Bench press requires no conditioning what so ever to get
stronger. But, there is no way you are not going to be sucking
wind working up to 100 pushups, pushups in a short period of
time become an anaerobic exercise meaning no oxygen.

No oxygen to the muscles means hard times and this is when
most will quit. Pushing a little farther will not mean injury. What
it means is you will train your mind and body to get a little
tougher and stronger.

I have seen it many times over the years; bring me a guy that
can do 100 pushups some pull-ups and sprints. A guy that
can bench press 300 lbs and works his way through the gym
doing every type of bench incline, decline, cross over’s on
machines and does curls etc.

And put these two guys in an athletic type of contest and I
can almost guarantee that the man that can do 100 pushups
will be the winner and he will also be plenty strong!

And here is something you bench press specialists won’t like
to hear. Most guys in the gym that are focused on the bench
press are functionally weak. This is not my opinion it’s a fact
focusing on the bench press works very few muscles the
pushup works many more and conditions the at the same
time. So work to 100 pushups and see what  happens.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. At age 76, I did a plank on my hands and toes for 11 minutes with 50 lbs on top of my back.

  2. I will end by informing the fans that I ‘am training for new records to post on YouTube and Facebook for my 80th birthday November 11, this year 2019. Best wishes to you all.

  3. I will end by informing the push-up fans that I ‘am training to post many new videos and records for my 80 th birthday this year Nov, 11, 2019. Ciao !

  4. Flavio Codarin you are an inspiration!

  5. Just turned 58 last week, I don’t regularly do push ups @ 55 did 60 so this time around I was so consumed about making 60 that I got 70. I can confidently say I will get 80 this weekend. In 3
    Month’s time 100. Truly a mind/body &mind over body expieriance

  6. I can do 100 push-ups in a row. Every day I do 5 sets of 100 pushups. Honestly to get to this point was a real grind but it’s possible!:)

  7. Frank Rizzo says

    I am 320 pounds and trying to lose weight from a bulking season that has gone awry. I do at my weight 5 sets of 20 pushups with a 2 minute rest every other morning. Wakes me up better than coffee. Since I have bad knees on the off pushup days I do 25 burpees and a 30 minutes on the treadmill… Along with monitoring and journaling my food I have lost 25 pounds in a month.

  8. Bad knees no burpees. Walking is best until you drop some weight. Pushups are good. Keep doing what your doing, your diet seems to be working.

  9. I started push ups in my teens and did 500 every other day for 4 years, I am back into benching now but push ups have always been a big part of my life, during a three and a half year period from May 2014 until November of 2017 I did 1100 twice a week, 11 sets of 100 straight with my best been 1400 in 45 minutes, and for speed 90 in one minute, I was 50 at the time when I started doing the 1100 sets, I switched to benching but may eventually go back to push ups,


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    Bodyweight Training – The 100 Pushup Philosophy

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