The 71 Year Old Terminator Gets Drop Kicked And Barely Moves!

The Terminator was in South Africa when he was attacked by a weak pathetic make who dropped kicked the 71 year old in the back, bouncing off him like a mosquito!

As the tough guy can be heard screaming “Help Me” while getting dragged out, to hopefully get his fucking melon kicked in!

These are the males around the world, the little faggots not man enough to stand on their own!

The parasite couldn’t even knock down a 71 year old man probably three times his age!

This is the grown males today, weak, soft and always the victims while committing the crime!

Years ago I was cutting my grass and an old local drunk they called the “Crapper” for shitting his pants staggered around all day. But this day he was approached by three teenagers, as I cut my grass walking toward them I watched as one hauled back and punch this barely able to walk older drunk man square in the face, as he was knocked and staggered back he NEVER fell, even stepping back off a curb.

I took off after the fucking punks, stopped; then went back to check on the “crapper”.  He took off his hat and showed me the “Zipper” holding his skull together from falling cracking open his skull another time, so he was no stranger to the pavement.

Yet, these teenagers failed in knocking out barely conscious drunk who already was basically physically and mentally crippled and it’s a good thing they didn’t knock him down they would probably be looking at a murder charge!

I asked the “Crapper” why they punched him, he said, “I asked them if they had 75¢” !

These are the weak useless fucks society is breeding!

These are the misfits society is defending, and making excuses for.

Instead they need to drag their derelict parents out of the bar while beating them with a bar stool, or stabbing the intravenous drug users in the neck with their hypodermic needles.

Until then this is our new society!

It’s why I believe we should be able to give out local beatings to the local scumbags!

A few beatings will make a person think twice about being a fucking degenerate!

You drive while drunk you should be pulled out of the car and stomped with steel toe boots!

You get caught injecting drugs in public causing possible harm to the innocent, and overdose you should not be allowed medical assistance.

Kids who were smacked growing up when causing harm to others made a kid think twice, but if a parent punishes a kid with, books, magazines, working out and tv why would they change.

Until there is serious consequences that will bring physical harm to the person causing harm, few things will change.





  1. pathetic pieces of shit
    trying to beat down a homeless old man
    they will get whats coming to them in the long run
    it always works out like that
    thanks again Grube.

  2. Reminds me of some years back in a subway station in New York . 4 teens tried robbing me , one snuck me with all he had out of nowhere . I dropped my bag looked at the one that snuck me and said you mfks fucked with the wrong mfk . First punch I landed on the dude that snuck me he was out before he hit the floor caught another one with a punch he hit the floor I then kicked him in his head MN The other two ran like bitches after that . Dam near killed one of them . These weak mfks have no honor , no power , no nothing . Easy work is what they are .

  3. I don’t no what I did when typing MN lol . Ignore that

  4. Marovsky says


    Justice served hahaha!!!

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