The 8 Best Bodyweight Exercises Known to Man!

If you want to know the 8 best bodyweight exercises
known to man keep reading I have come up with what
I think are the best exercises for a total body make over
after over 30 years of training and experiments I have
rounded out the 8 most intense result producing exercises
for building strength, conditioning, agility, quickness,
body awareness, and over all athletic ability.

They are:

Push ups
Prisoner Squat Thrusts
Step ups (At least 10” to 18” in height)
Bear crawls
Sprints/ Hill Sprints
Jumping rope

Today everyone has the answer and most of the time in comes in
a complicated riddle, most think the longer more complicated and the
cooler a workout looks has got to be the best way to train. And guess
what? People still don’t seem to get it.

It all comes down to what you have been told and what you have
read and what you believe. It comes to down to hard work and I
will continue to push the more simple hard working approach to
building real physical fitness that will enhance every area of your
life physically and mentally.

There are a ton of great bodyweight exercises out there to build
strength and conditioning, but I want the most effective and result
producing exercises to get results.

I picked these bodyweight exercises because you need almost
no equipment, all you need is you and the willingness to work
hard and sweat. For step ups you need a step and a jump rope
is cheap and you can carry it anywhere and pull-ups can
be done almost anywhere you can hang, a tree branch,
a towel thrown over something, a rafter.  One exercise
that I left out is “Dips” I love dips, but it’s a little tougher
to find a place to do dips unless you have a dip rack.
But include whenever you can.

I will leave you with this workout you can do and one that will
make you think twice about complicated workouts.

Start: Do 25 pushups – jump up grab your jump rope
and jump rope 50 times as fast as you can – drop
the rope – and do 10 burpees. Repeat this as fast
as possible for 10 rounds. Total work 250 pushups
jumped rope 500 times and 100 burpees. A lot of
work in a short time, and don’t let the simplicity
fool you.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

P.S. Look for my new book

“5 Minutes to Fitness”

The Worlds Shortest and Most Intense
Bodyweight Workouts Ever!


  1. Hey man, I have received your emails for several months and appreciate your no nonsense approach. Coming from a 22 year career in the military (special ops arena), now retired for 8 years. I am coming up on birthday number 50 and I can attest to the fact that if you just stick to the basics you can enjoy a lean fit and flexible physique for a life time.


  2. Mark Blonski says

    I worked with Johnny Grube. I can tell you Johnny is the real deal of determination and, motion with a positive direction. If you have serious bodyweight goals, John is the guy to follow to the finish line.

  3. If you cannot do dips, you can improvise. One thing I enjoy doing is sitting on the ground, laying both palms of my hand down on the floor and pressing them to raise my bottom off the floor. Then slowly descending to let my bottom touch the floor: that’s 1 rep (continue in this fashion for as many reps as possible). You can even include back bridges for fun when doing these (real triceps and shoulder killer workout). Enjoy!


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