The Answer To Most Problems!

Here is the answer to most problems. Money, health, fitness, relationships, etc

If your life sucks, you know it sucks. Too bad most are to stupid to see they are to
fat, that smoking could kill them years earlier, that spending money that they don’t
have on things they don’t need leads to ruin.

Don’t try and help people if you cant help yourself. Work on yourself, get your situation
in order, than offer your help!

If you are not willing to fix your situation, you should feel like a hypocrite trying to fix
other people situations!

Continue to do what your doing, until it stops working, than change it!

Johnny Grube


  1. BrooklynChuck says

    As always well said . You’re right it’s a dam shame people don’t notice things that destroy them . I say fuck em i have no pity for them

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