The Basics Build Over all Conditioning

Most people think that building a high level of
physical fitness and strength comes from training
when they feel like it. Physical fitness never has
or never will be built on a when I feel like training

True physical fitness is built over a life time of
sweat and punishment and the rewards are amazing.

Everyday I have people emailing me and telling me
how just changing a few things here and there their
level of physical fitness has soared.

It’s always been about the doing the basics, about
working hard on the simple things and doing a lot
of the simple things.

Some times I think people are looking for the exercise
that will be the answer to all answers and it’s an answer
you will continue to look for.

Every foundation is built on something basic and then
built on from then on. People thinking they trained hard
today and that I will take off to rest my body is not
always the best answer.

I did a simple basic exercise hitting a lot of muscles
as well as working on athleticism.

Jump rope 100 times – Bear Crawl 10 yards up and back a
total of 20 yards and repeat for 10 rounds.

Total jump rope 1,000 times and 200 yards of Bear Crawls
in under 10 minutes. Try it, if you think it’s an easy
workout. But is a very basic result producing workout.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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