The Best Ab Exercise for a Rock Hard-Core

The best ab exercise for a rock hard core

I never focus directly on ab training I find it just like weight training
where you focus on one body part at a time. I like to combine body
weight exercises that will include my abs.

For years I had what you would call punch proof abs, I learned it in
the martial arts and have let people punch me as hard as possible
in the chest or stomach since I was a teenager.

One time I had 8 guys line up and each punch me as hard as possible
and if anyone could hurt me they would get my paycheck, no one ever
collected. I’m not saying this is safe or do I recommend it but it really
does humble big armed and puffy chest bodybuilder types and makes
them rethink the big arms and the big bench press.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that without a strong core you can
never be truly strong. You might have a strong upper body or lower
body but I have seen many men get thrown around by a smaller
leaner man who was strong head to toe.

The core is the middle point that will keep everything together in any
life function that requires lifting, twisting, bending, reaching, pushing

But the only real way to build a core that is super strong is to learn to
work the core as one with the body, isolation like the crunch is okay
but you use really nothing but the core but if you use a movement
that effects the core and the upper and lower body together you will
build a core that will be unbelievable strong.

That being said the most effective core exercise that will bring the
biggest and fastest results is using the ab wheel, most will have to
start on their knees for this exercise it is a brutal exercise that will
cripple the abs in as little as 5 reps but if you build up to a set of 25
to 50 you will have a core that you will be proud of.

But, if you want the super strength core you do it from a standing position
and this will soon show you how weak the armor actually is. Years ago
in the weight room in high school we watched an old janitor do it with
a weighted barbell and thought how tough could it be?

Every muscle head in the weight room failed every time. This is not an
easy exercise for anyone, it is a test of total body strength. Even
today when I show young guys that are in their 20’s and early 30’s
they just can’t get it. I have personally only seen one other person
do this exercise and it was the old janitor in school now with you
tube you can see people doing it but not many.

To do 1 of these is impressive but to do 10 of more in pretty amazing.

And if and when you can do it, you can try it with a wheel in each
hand which will even make the exercise harder.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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