The Big Muscle Ego.

What good is showy muscles if they aren’t good for anything? Are we all fighting
with a small ego, that if we aren’t intimidating we will get smacked around?
Or is to attract women? Hey fat men get laid too. And because everyone is
fatter more and more fat men still get laid.

So what’s the reason to look big and massive? I know bodybuilders that are
strong and very athletic but most work hard for the right to pose and that is
fine, but there are so many ways to physical fitness.

What it comes down to is what you really are trying to accomplish?

If you want to bulk up to look good go ahead, if you want to build big muscles
just to look go ahead it’s up to you.

In my opinion, I feel the athletic body, the leaner body works better in the long
run for health and fitness. By keep a more natural bodyweight you will relieve the
stress off of joints you will be able to move around better and more efficiently.

The more weight you carry over a period of time will place more wear and tear
on the body which will almost always equal more injuries and more time recovering
than working out.

If you spend more time recovering than training don’t throw in your two cents
because you have no fight.

If you can tell me how you have trained for years and are a dedicated weight trainer
and are a hard core trainer at all cost and rarely get injured I want to here about it.

Nothing like an old time strongman with a big belly trying to squat 600 lbs just to juice
up the ego.

How many heavily muscled men live a long life?

How man overweight men live a long life?

How many bodybuilders live in their 90s?

There are a few, most were old time trainers who lived a cleaner lifestyle
without drugs and supplements, they ate pure clean food.

The men that live the longest live in a more of a physical type world where
exercise is part of their life. These men are always lean, never overweight.

If you look at the old glory boys like Arnold who no longer looks like the
terminator or even trains anymore you got to wonder. If I was Arnold and
looked like that and was the bodybuilding icon I would  try and look at least

If your reason is to not get your ass kicked, guess what, if you get your ass
kicked lean you will get your ass kicked big, but because of size you may
get a little leeway.

So figure your reason for bigger muscle and what will work best for you.

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube

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