The Brutal Truth Is The Enemy Of The Weak!

If you are fucking up it’s your fault!

The brutal truth is the enemy of the delusional.

If you’re a drunk, you’re a drunk.

If you need drugs daily, you’re an addict.

If you’re fat, you’re fat.

If you’re fired for being incompetent, you’re incompetent.

If you’re born a man, you’re a man. 

Social media is mostly full of people who make excuses, who blame others, who cringe at the word responsibility, and believe everyone else should be held accountable for their failures!

Doctors have to be accountable for giving out pain pills to people who voluntarily take or ask for them.

Bartenders have to be held accountable for drunk drivers.

Everybody’s fuck ups are the fault of someone else.

You know where you stand in the life you lead, how you conduct yourself, you know and if don’t, this post just pissed you off!

Haters are failures, Haters feel useless and of less value and are less manly, they are soy filled emasculated weaklings.

Strong people take responsibility, weak people make excuses and run from responsibility.

Only the weak complain the world isn’t fair!

Johnny Grube


  1. What really pisses me off is people that try and make me feel guilty about not putting money in cups to homeless people . No one will ever make me guilty for the living I earn . Technically … Myself and many other tax payers put into those cups weekly from our taxes pulled from our checks . Not my problem these weak bastards aren’t using the resources that tax payers pay for them to have . Take the crutch the tax payers paid for temporarily , get a job and redeem themselves . If not then they can kiss my fucking ass . They won’t get my hard earned money

  2. Fucking haters are cocksuckers that can’t grind , weak bastards that can’t beat an alarm clock . Pussy faggots that sell drugs . Pieces of shit that live off the government and are capable . Excuse makers , they can’t do this or that but that’s their cover up for saying their weak asses can’t work 40,50 or 60 or more hours a week to get what they want . Won’t get shit from me . I break my back for me and my family fuck all these other bastards

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