The Brutal Wildman Training 2500

So what’s the wildman training 2500 ? It’s hard ass training that the physically and mentally weak won’t
attempt to do. It’s for people that want to test themselves from time to time.

It’s not for the men that sit on forum’s or youtube all day trying to discredit someone’s ability. It’s for
the person that lives the part for the person that will talk the talk and walk the walk.

Bodyweight training as you already know is a brutal way to train. It will get you conditioned,strong
explosive and will build an almost super-human level of fitness. How can I say that it can build you
almost super-human like?

#1  99 % of people can’t do it.
#2  99% of people won’t do it.

So compared to most humans you would become super-human. This type of training
not only pushes you physically it also pushes you mentally and there is not a better

The Wildman Training 2500

#1 – 25 burpees
#2 – 100 Jumping Jacks
#3 – 25 crunches
#4 – 25 squat thrusts
#5 – 25 pushups
#6 – 50 bodyweight squats

This to be done for 10 rounds for a total of:
250 burpees
1,000 jumping jacks
250 crunched
250  U.K squat thrusts
250 pushups
500 bodyweight squats
There is a 1 hour time limit.

My time 34:24 seconds

It was tough!  Let me know your thoughts

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Max Glover says

    Hey Johnny boy!

    Thanks for sharing the Wildman 2500 work out with us! me and my friend just gave it a bash then. My time 45:06 its a bit harder than it looks on paper isn’t it! I haven’t done any circuit type training like that since i’ve left the Royal Marines, and i think its a good way to test your overall fitness. I’m goin to start doing more circuit training now i think. I know a few gruelling work outs if you want me to share them with you.

    Again, thanks and all the best


  2. hello i gave it ago my time was 34.45 seconds was very tough, just came out the army and i do alot of my own circuits and a train in wing chun/jkd and brazilian jujitsu, this website is brilliant and helps me out with workouts thanks.

  3. hello i gave it ago my time was 34min.45 seconds was very tough, just came out the army and i do alot of my own circuits and a train in wing chun/jkd and brazilian jujitsu, this website is brilliant and helps me out with workouts thanks.

  4. i done this in 34:45sec very good workout enjoyed it

  5. Sean Braddock says

    As a die-hard fitness guy I have to say, “Bravo!” Great workout and a TRUE test of mental and physical toughness. The workout left me drenched and exhausted. Took almost the full hour. To those of you who claim to have done the workout in 34 minutes I have to call B_ _ _ S _ _ _! To do it in 60 you have to average 6 min per 10 rounds. Your claims of 34 min + equates to just over 3 min per round. NO WAY! My guess? You started and couldn’t finish.

  6. tony riley says

    no i did it in 34min.45 sec, your just unfit fella, dont u dare suggest i didnt finnish it! your guess is a guess, mine is a fact,

  7. tony riley says

    plus it looked like u paced yourself, i did it in a interval style, if u pace yourself 1 hour is very achievable,

  8. First : 34:45sec it’s impossible
    Second : mine is 9 round in 1 hours
    Third 49.36 Good job nice pace

  9. Sheridan Thomas says

    I have to agree guys that was brutal!
    Managed to complete it just under the 1 hour threshold and I have been training for years!
    Just completed the 4Deserts Gobi Ultramarathon and train daily.
    I can smell a bit of BS in Tony’s case and no way done the first time in 34 mins.
    Great website and helping me for the Attacama next March,
    Finally found someone madder than me!

  10. The 2500 is exquisite!
    With strain like in a latrine minus the aroma so mean I wildman worked so that out people
    Notice I am tough and a winner.
    I engaged unlike the YouTube mockers who unlike wild man and me are totaly weak
    Seek the wildmans books better than 9o px and other exerworks.
    I endorse these wild routines of the man Johnny Grube!

  11. It was dark when I woke. This is a ray of suihenns.

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    facts concerning my study and knowledge.

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