The Bullshit Theory That Every Man On The Planet Is An MMA Killing Machine!

Lets stop the bullshit!

Men are so fucking stupid when it comes down to how it really is. Just because you watch the UFC and you see a lot of MMA schools opening up doesn’t mean every fucking guy who walks the earth is an MMA fighter!

There are a fucking million gyms in the world and most of society is weak and fat, but with your way of thinking, every man that signs up for the gym is a power lifter, bodybuilder or strong man!

Three months into any kind of martial arts training does NOT make you a fighter, just like a man spending three
months in the gym walking on a treadmill doesn’t make him much thinner or stronger.

Just because you say you are an MMA fighter doesn’t mean you are.

Maybe you subscribe with societies mental disease thinking that a man can be women or woman a man, and by saying what you want makes it true.

But that makes you mentally ill and will get your ass kicked if you ever make the mistake of fucking with someone who will take your three months of MMA and beat the fuck out of you because you have never been in a real fight.

Here is the philosophy of all MMA or Martial Arts guys when they post a video of a supposedly street fighter in a ring
fighting a trained kick boxer, boxer etc.

When the street fighter is knocked out, their philosohy is only martial artists or MMA fighters will win in a fight.

My question to you idiots ” Do kick boxers, or boxers ever get knocked out by other kick boxers or boxers? Does a BBJ guy ever get tapped by another BBJ guy? People lose trained or NOT trained.

Do you get it?

How come NO MMA guy or Martial Artists ever seems to go in the street on concrete or asphalt to show off their skills?

How come I don’t see men rolling in the street looking for the “arm bar” ?

I don’t know of anytime in a life or death situation you will be inside rolling on mats!

Basically, I’m saying you probably got a better chance of being struck by lightening than running into a
trained martial
artist looking for a fight!

Most tough guys with attitude sit behind the keyboard, drinking lattes, while wearing a superhero t shirt, while waiting for mom to leave to start surfing porn!

So stop the Bullshit! MMA fighters are rare, they aren’t out looking for trouble, if you are walking around telling everyone you are an MMA fighter, you’re NOT!

Johnny Grube



  1. Yeah, I just fucking hate when people always keep lying about how much of a MMA fighter or kickboxer they are. But once they encounter a person who has experience in a street fight, the only thing they can remember is laying on the ground.

  2. They’re a MMA fighter until they get they’re ass whooped . People think going to these gyms doing the workouts etc gives them credibility. Half of them haven’t even got punched in the face with gloves on yet . They really don’t know what’s truly out there and what their asses can get into . Awesome article

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