The Definition of Manly, and Most are NOT it!

Here is the definition  of manly


MAN – LY adjective
adjective: manly; comparative adjective: manlier; superlative
adjective: manliest

1. having or denoting those good qualities traditionally associated
with men, such as courage and strength.

synonyms: brave, courageous, bold, valiant, valorous, fearless, plucky,
macho, manful, intrepid, daring, heroic, lionhearted, gallant, chivalrous,
swashbuckling, adventurous, stouthearted, dauntless, doughty, resolute,
determined, stalwart;
informalgutsy, gutty, spunky, ballsy
“their manly deeds”

antonyms: cowardly

o (of an activity) befitting a man, especially in a traditional sense.“the manly
art of knife-throwing”
synonyms: virile, masculine, strong, muscular, muscly,
strapping, well built, sturdy, robust, rugged, tough, powerful, brawny, heavily
built, vigorous;
male, manlike, mannish; informalhunky

No matter what or how they try and change the definition  of what it means to be manly, and they
will soon either change it or take it out of the dictionary all together. And the definition of man-l
y is
NOT what kind of man is up and coming,
all you have to do is look and listen.  Man-ly Ballsy, Bold,
determined, spunky, gallant, chivalrous, strong, masculine, sturdy, vigorous most of today’s men are
soft afraid to speak up, get offended, are NOT rugged, are NOT tough!
Being manly means standing for something and not letting people run you over, that makes you a
weak pathetic man. Just because you are born with a set of balls doesn’t mean you have any!

 You don’t like the definition?  I don’t care. And until they change the definition and
I’m sure they will, so they don’t offend the men that are NOT any of the words used to
describe a man. People today feel if you stand up for your self you are an arrogant ass hole,
people feel they should be able say what they want and you should take it.

I personally don’t always believe in turning the other cheek, sometimes you have to stand and
fight. Some feel different, and that is okay just don’t expect everyone to feel the same. Walking
away doesn’t always  show courage, that is what weak people want you to believe.  To me
most times it shows weakness.Today’s up and coming so called men are NOT the definition of what a man is, they are a
cross between women and bitch

Not many men today take responsibility seriously, they play the victim, they make excuses
for everything and are easily offended when someone tells the truth. They feel they don’t
have to support their children, they feel drinking is more important then spending time with
their children, they have no respect for others time, no respect for their elders, or NO respect
for themselves.

If you have no respect for others, it shows you have no respect for yourself.

Men today are weak physically and mentally, they give up quickly and complain when
their life isn’t working out and they look for sympathy, they are nothing but grown adults
who have not learned how to be a man.

Men that have a weakness keep it to themselves, men should be the best men they can be,
they should have values, stand for what they believe in and don’t let others break them down!

Men take responsibility, men are strong physically and mentally, men can defend themselves
and their family, men don’t need a gang to feel important and a strong man can stand alone and
doesn’t need a shoulder to cry on. Society feels it’s okay to show weakness and I disagree, the
more weakness you show the more people can exploit it, and they will!

I feel men should live a physical life if they are able, they should be outdoors, learning how to
be self reliant, instead of watching sports try playing one, being physical makes you more
manly.Sitting on your ass all day makes you a weak. Real men aren’t always complaining about
their injuries, real men aren’t complaining about their bad backs or pulled muscles, especially men
that do nothing physical to have an injury, except inactivity. Weak mind, Weak body!

Toughness Builds Winners

Johnny Grube


  1. Please, Johnny, get in touch with your feminine side and tell us how your really feel. LOL.

  2. I have lol

  3. Glen MacCharles says

    It never occurred to me that the dictionary might change the definition of manly, but it’s a good possibility. That’s disgusting.

  4. I always say if I had a feminine side, I would never leave the house. I would spend all day touching it

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